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LOSEit is Nussbaum’s weight management incentive program that encourages participants to achieve a healthier weight and maintain their loss. LOSEit is not a competition with other individuals. You are in complete control of your success in this program. View full program details.

How it Works:

Terms and Conditions

By signing up for LOSEit, you agree to share your weight information with the Nussbaum Wellness Team.

Your weight and data are completely confidential. A member of the Wellness Team will review all weight submissions to verify proper entry. Disclosure of your weight to the Wellness Team is required to verify individual progress and distribute points accordingly.

  • By registering as a LOSEit participant, you are agreeing to share your information including individual weight with the administrators of the Nussbaum Wellness program
  • Nussbaum will never share your specific weight
  • Results, such as pounds lost, may be shared publicly, but your identity and specific weights will not be published without express permission from you.
  • Nussbaum is not responsible for any data you choose to share with other participants or vendors as a result of participation in MOVEit, LOSEit, or any other programs within or outside of Nussbaum. 

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